What Makes Our Products Special

For over 70 years we’ve been helping build some of America’s Top frozen food brands. As a leader in innovation of entrees, soups, sides and dips; we offer creative solutions that will impact your brand.  Discover the efficiency of product development, commercialization, integrated sourcing, top quality standards and industry-leading technology within the Downs Food Group.

Trays & Bowls:

  • Entrees, Soups, Sides, Dips and Appetizers
  • Multi-component Ingredients
  • Cold fill deposit
  • Hand application available of unique ingredients
  • C-PET, paperboard, aluminum trays, bowls

Skillet & Crockpot Meals:

  • Entrees, Soups and Sides
  • Multiple filling scales  – proteins, vegetables, starches, sauce cubes
  • Induction center – noodle nests, sauce pouches, rice pouches, larger portion proteins
  • Pillow pouches, reclosable zipper, side gusset, steam pouches

Pouches and Sauce Cubes:

  • Soups, Sauces and Meat Mixes
  • Incorporation of large pieces
  • NRTE cold fill frozen sauces and cubes
  • RTE hot fill frozen or refrigerated meat mixes

Operation Methods:

  • Cook and Chill sauce kettles
  • Spiral pasta and rice cookers
  • Ribbon blends
  • Volumetric filled components